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Dr. Parameshwar CM is a well-trusted doctor for fissure, fistula and haemorrhoids treatment in Bangalore. He is one of the finest proctologists in the country and a highly qualified surgeon with two decade’s experience in treating colorectal disorders. His aim is to ensure that every patient that walks in to his office, walks out with a smile on their face. He feels most successful as a doctor when he can solve a complex health issue that a patient is suffering from and enable them to get back to their lives healthy and happy.

Our Promise

All our patients receive personal care when they visit us. Elderly and house-bound patients can request for house visits.

Experience international standards of treatment and care with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and qualified specialists.

We provide a safe-space to understand and address lower gastrointestinal health conditions.


Experiencing bleeding or extreme pain while passing stool?

Are you suffering from inability to pass stool or find it difficult to do so?

Do you avoid times for bowel movement, use laxatives for a long time, have extreme difficulty passing stool?

Experiencing change in bowel habits, in stools, abdominal or pain in anal region?

Experiencing constant unusual pressure on your vagina?

Experiencing, pain, burning sensation or extreme difficulty while passing stool?

Do you see bleeding in stool or experience bloating, constipation or diarrhoea?

Do you feel like your rectum has shifted from it’s natural position?

Do you have a rounded bump in the abdominal region?

Do you feel pain while sitting or standing, swelling of cyst, reddened skin around cyst area?

Do you see pus, mucous or feel an extra opening in your buttock?

Are you looking for a safe space to book a circumcision?

Are you experiencing painful boils or swelling near the anus?


It provides an endoscopic look into the patient’s large intestine. It is one of the best ways to examine your body for any signs of colon cancer.

It is an operation procedure that uses a slim, flexible tube known as an endoscope to look into the oesophagus, stomache and beginning of the small intestine.

It is specifically designed to examine the sigmoid colon which is the last third of the colon while descending.

It a procedure which is opted for by people to promote a healthy colon and is also known as colonic irrigation or colon flush.

It uses an MRI machine to study the working of the pelvic muscles of a patient while passing stool to understand why he or she might be facing any difficulties.

It is a non-surgical procedure which uses an endoscope to examine a patient’s digestive tract.


Get mentored under the able guidance of well-renowned colorectal surgeon
Dr. Parmeshwar. All available courses are designed for practicing and aspiring colorectal specialists. Each class sticks to the recommended number of students, so he will be able to give you the guidance you need to improve your knowledge and skills in the colorectal field. You can ask him your doubts and take his help to understand the intricacies of this complex field.

Online Consultation

Consult online with the best proctologist in Bangalore for fissure, fistula, piles and other diseases. You can ask Dr. Parameshwar CM, one of the leading surgeons in coloproctology , all your colorectal questions and he will provide you with the appropriate prescriptions and next steps. Now, you can get his expert opinion on any colorectal issue from the comfort of your home, office or even on-the-go!


  • Thank you for the most caring doctor ever. Made us feel like we are at home. Thank you for the professional and quick treatment.
    Prashant M
  • Best doctor I met in this specialization. Thank you very much for the service and care. Really loved the hospitality and professionalism.
    Madimetla P