An anal fissure is a tear or crack in the lining of the anal canal. The most common cause for this is strain or difficulty passing stools. It can happen to both men and women of all ages.

Acute fissures are early fissures which have just been there for more or less than 15 days. They can be treated easily without operation. Fissure treatment for chronic fissures which have been around for 2 months or more may require surgical intervention. They have a growth called sentinel pile and feel hard to touch.

Most common causes for anal fissures include constipation, hard stools based injury while passing, frequent bowel movements can cause the delicate anal lining to tear etc. More severe causes include inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease, Tuberculosis etc.

If you have noticed any symptoms like pain in anal canal while passing stool, severe burning sensation at the bottom after defecation, constipation, swelling, mild or severe itching etc you may have to visit a fissure doctor immediately.


Dr. Parameshwar CM is a highly experienced fissure doctor and has completed over 10,000 surgeries. He understands that many people will be sceptical to show problems like fissures to anyone including a doctor. He tries to make each and every patient feel comfortable and only provides treatment that they are comfortable with. The following are the forms of fissure treatment we offer:


Dilation is form of fissure treatment that involves the forceful opening of the anal canal which is causing pain. This procedure is done with the help of anaesthesia. There is a high chance that patients may lose bowel control due to the damage caused to the sphincter.

Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy

Lateral internal sphincterotomy is a form of fissure treatment which involves the incision of a small muscle. The muscle incision is directly related to the muscle involved in bowel control. This is a complicated surgery which can be conducted by Dr. Parameshwar CM a leading doctor for fissure surgeries with a high success rate.


Most acute fissures can be cured without surgery. Dr. Parameshwar CM considers each patient carefully and individually to ensure that he or she receives the best fissure treatment for their personal health. He also provides them with easy to follow post surgery tips to ensure their quick recovery.

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