Fistula is an abnormal opening in the buttocks other than the natural opening through which we conduct our bowel movements. It is usually a result of an old abscess (a swollen area, containing pus), which hasn’t healed completely.

There are two types of fistulas – Simple and Complex. Other than unhealed abscess, fistula can also be caused by cancer, tuberculosis, HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases. The most obvious symptoms that will require the attention of a fistula specialist is second opening in the buttocks other than the natural one, pus and mucous discharge on and off, itching or redness in the opening etc.


Unfortunately, fistula treatment is only possible through surgical intervention. Dr. Parameshwar CM, one of the top fistula surgeons in the country, offers a wide range of fistula treatments based on whether you have a simple or complex fistula:

  1. Ksharsutra
    Ksharsutra is an ancient traditional Ayurvedic method of fistula treatment which uses special threads to treat the fistula. This thread is covered in Ayurvedic pastes and is inserted into the fistula tract. It is a non-invasive technique and does not cause damage to the sphincter muscles.
  2. Fistulectomy
    Fistulectomy is a surgical fistula treatment where the fistulous tract is cut out completely. It removes the perianal fistula which was formed as a result of a perianal abscess. It may occur 4-6 weeks or a year after the abscess has come and gone.
  3. Fistulotomy
    Fistulotomy is a fistula treatment in which the doctor will make an incision to open up the abnormal connection between to the doctor. If the fistula is small the doctor will perform the surgery using local anaesthesia, if it is big the doctor will have to use general anaesthesia.
  4. VAAFT ( Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment)
    The VAAFT technique is only used for surgical fistula treatment of Complex fistulas. It is performed with the help of a fistuloscope. The surgery does not cause any damage to the sphincter muscle. The procedure consists of 2 phases – the diagnostic phase and the treatment phase.
  5. LIFT  ( Ligation of Interspincteric Fistula Tract )
    LIFT is a form of fistula treatment which is mostly used for Complex or Deep fistulas. The procedure involves widening the fistula tract. After a few weeks, the fistula specialist will remove the infected tissue and close the fistula opening.
  6. FILAC ( Laser-Assisted Closure)
    FiLAC uses the Leonardo Laser, to gently remove the fistula tract without damaging the sphincter muscle. The anal sphincter is preserved ensuring no risk of post-operative incontinence. Top fistula surgeons are trained to perform this on high-risk patients like patients with hypertension, cardiac (heart) problems and senior citizens.

Dr. Parameshwar CM is Bangalore’s leading fistula specialist who brings his imminent expertise to each case, and treats each patient with the utmost care and respect. Fistula treatment can be a highly painful, saddening and uncomfortable experience. At the same time it is one which cannot be avoided. Our fistula treatments are essentially non-invasive and guarantee minimal recovery time.

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