Haemorrhoids or Piles are swollen blood vessels located in the rectum or anus. These veins stretch and become really thin, causing irritation, bleeding, swelling, burning sensation, or itching in the anal canal, pain in anal region or during bowel movements etc. The major causes for piles treatment include constipation, difficulty in passing stools, obesity, pregnancy etc.

Piles treatment depends on the stage and symptoms the patient has. Stage 1 is the mildest and Stage 4 is the most severe. Other than the two stages, haemorrhoids can even occur internally or externally. Internal haemorrhoids are a lot less noticeable and are recognized only because it causes bleeding while external haemorrhoids cause more obvious swelling and pains. Visiting a piles clinic is recommended to prevent severe consequences like protrusion of anal canal.


It is easy to feel embarrassed to visit a clinic, but Dr. Parameshwar CM is the best doctor for haemorrhoids or piles treatment and has treated over 10,000 piles patients successfully. Rest assured our patients receive only the best care from us.

Our piles clinic is equipped with the best piles treatment facilities which include:

  • MIPH/PPH also known as Stapler surgery
  • DG-HAL RAR also known as HALO
  • IRC
  • RFA (Radio-Frequency Ablation)

One of the benefits of meeting the best doctor for haemorrhoids is that surgery is not always the first option. We are focused on lifestyle and preventive piles treatment too. We conduct intensive research on a wide variety of colorectal and lifestyle diseases, and strive to improve the lives of each and every patient that walks into our piles clinic.


Research claims that almost 50% of the world’s population suffers from haemorrhoids at some point in their lives. It is easy to prevent by eating fibre rich meals and keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day. But in cases, where you are already observing symptoms of haemorrhoids, it’s best to visit a good piles clinic, to ensure that you get the timely piles treatment you need.

Most patients suffering avoid getting piles treatment as they are embarrassed. Our piles clinic treats the matter with utmost care and ensures that all our patients’ feel comfortable every step of the way. With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Parameshwar  CM helps develop a healthy lifestyle by providing simple piles treatment methods to take care with or without surgery.

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