Hernia is a weakness or an opening in the abdominal walls or muscles. It is caused by the bulging of fat in organs. There are millions of hernia surgeries conducted by doctors all over the world. So in case you think you have a hernia you must not wait to get a hernia surgery, as it is a fairly quick and common procedure, and Dr. Parameshwar CM is one of the best surgeons for it. The main cause of hernias is the prolonged pressure on the abdominal cavity for a long period of time. Other causes include obesity, heavy lifting, chronic constipation, strained bowel movements etc.

Hernia treatment is recommended when you see a lump or bulge in the groin or abdominal area, some women, may also experience it in the breasts. Consulting a professional hernia doctor like Dr. Parameshwar CM is recommended even if the lump is painless. If it is left without treatment it will increase in size. It can then become irreducible and therefore cannot be pushed back into the abdominal cavity with manual pushing. This is when it becomes really painful. It can cause extreme pain, nausea and constipation if it has affected the loop of the bowel.

Types of Hernias:


It is the most common type of hernia and is mostly found in men. It occurs in the groin on top of the inner thigh. It is caused by aging or repeated strain in abdomen. If you do not go to a hernia doctor in time it can impair blood supply to testicles, and cause testicular tissue to die.


It is commonly found in women and occurs in the groin area above the line separating the abdomen and the legs. If you prolong hernia treatment for femoral hernia, it can even lead to strangulation which is a serious medical emergency.


It is commonly found in babies and occurs when fat or part of the bowel protrudes the abdomen near the belly button. It happens because the opening in the abdomen through which the umbilical cause passes didn’t close properly. More and more adults are also facing umbilical hernias because of increased obesity.


It is usually found in adults but can also be seen in some infants. It occurs in the area between the anal and the sternum (lower part of the breastbone). Even though the lump may appear as if it is not in the midline but the reason the hernias occur in the midline region is because it comes out between the two rectus muscles that meets in the midline of the abdomen.


It occurs in the area where you may have already had an abdominal surgery. Even if the abdominal muscle cavity was closed after the surgery, the area becomes weak and therefore allows abdominal organs to develop hernias.


The goal of any hernia doctor conducting a hernia surgery is to repair the abdominal area and close it off completely so the hernia cannot occur again.


  • Primary Muscular Repair or Shouldice Repair
    This method of hernia treatment requires the hernia doctor to push the herniated organs back into the patient’s body and sew the wall and tissues back together. The patient may experience tension after the sutures.
  • Simple Prolene Mesh Repair or Liechtenstein’s Repair
    This method of hernia treatment requires the hernia doctor to use a Polypropylene mesh to seal the defect. This form of hernia surgery requires the doctor to put the patient under local anaesthesia and the patient will also need to be in the hospital for 24-28 hours.
  • Laparoscopic Repair ( TEP and TAPP Repair )
    This method of hernia requires the hernia doctor to put the patient under general anaesthesia and place a Polypropylene mesh on the inner side of the abdominal wall. The patient will need to be hospitalised for 24-28 hours.
  • 3-D Mesh Hernia Repair
    This is the most advanced and well-received hernia surgery we conduct. It covers the hernia defect from above, below and centre. It is a tension free repair method. It is a short procedure that take about 15-20 minutes and requires the patient to be hospitalized for 12 hours.


  • Open Surgery
    In the open hernia surgery a single long incision cut is made to push the lump back inside the body.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
    In the laparoscopic hernia surgery the hernia doctor has to make 3 small cuts to push the lump back inside the body.

In both hernia repair surgeries the doctor secures the femoral canal with a mesh to repair the weak area. Both surgeries are safe and effective.


  • Primary Muscular Repair
    This method of hernia treatment reduces the hernia and sews the abdominal muscles back together with sutures. There is no mesh involved in this method.
  • Prolene Mesh Repair
    In this method of hernia treatment, the hernia doctor places a Polypropylene mesh over the defect. The procedure may involve unnecessary collection of pus on the operated area.
  • Laparoscopic Repair
    This method of hernia surgery is done under general anaesthesia. Here, 4 incisions of 1 cm each are made and the defected area is closed with a mesh. Although there is less pain and low post-operative recovery time involved it leaves the patient with an unfavourable bump after the surgery too.
  • 3-D Mesh repair
    In this method of hernia surgery, the defect is closed from the anterior as well as posterior sides. The umbilicus position is changed to ensure that there is no after mark or effect after the surgery.


The hernia surgery methods for Epigastric And Incisional Hernia Repair includes Primary Muscular Repair, Prolene Mesh Repair and Laparoscopic Repair just like Umbilical Hernia Repair. But one other method that can be used on these two types of hernias is:

  • Octomesh Repair
    In this innovative method of hernia treatment, a specially designed Polypropylene mesh called Octomesh is used by the hernia doctor. Octomesh has 8 integrated radiating arms (tentacles) which the doctor tunnels through the muscles of the abdominal wall. This hernia surgery technique does not require sutures.

Dr. Parameshwar CM is a leading Hernia Doctor in the country. With over 18 years of experience, he helps develop a healthy lifestyle by providing simple hernia treatment methods to take care of your body with or without surgery.

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