The organs which help a person pass stool include rectum, anus, pelvic muscles and nervous system. The four of them must work together to control bowel movement. It also involves recognition and response to the urge to pass stool.

Bowel incontinence occurs when one loses control of their bowel movements i.e. they pass stool without their knowledge or control. This can range from passing small amounts of stool, gas to complete inability to control bowel movements.

It is imperative that you visit an incontinence specialist if you feel you are unable to recognize or respond to the urge to have bowel movements or feel like you have completely lost control of your bowel movements. Incontinence is a major sign that your anal muscles are not working as it should in your bowel movement system.

A major cause of incontinence is constant constipation which stretches the anal muscles making it weaken which either leads diarrhoea or leaky stools. Other causes include inaccurately assessing or avoiding times for bowel movement, long term laxative use, colectomy or bowel surgery etc.


Anyone can seek incontinence treatment, as it can affect people of all ages but it is most common for senior citizens. More women suffer from it than men do. There are two things to remember when dealing with faecal incontinence or urinary incontinence. One, it is nothing to be ashamed of and it happens to many people. Second, it is not a natural part of aging and will not go away on its own. Therefore it is necessary to see an incontinence doctor to offset the symptoms.

Faecal incontinence can be a cause of embarrassment for many patients; it may also make them wish to be isolated from loved ones. Taking steps to acknowledge the problem is a major part of incontinence treatment. The incontinence doctor will help you develop a better quality of life. Most of the incontinence treatment options are essentially non-invasive but some extreme conditions may require surgery.


We offer biofeedback which is an incontinence treatment which involves placing a small electric probe into the bottom of the patient. It is a painless procedure that uses a computer with a video feed to display bodily functions. The sensor reveals detailed information about the movement and pressure of rectal muscles on an attached computer. The incontinence doctor will ask the patient to perform a series of actions that is proven to improve bowel movements. The sensor ensures that the patient is performing the exercises in the right way and relays to the specialist if the patient is performing the actions incorrectly.


Dr. Parameshwar CM is a renowned incontinence specialist in Bengaluru. He assesses the medical history of each patient thoroughly before putting out a diagnosis. He has successfully treated over 10,000 patients. For patients where the condition is not severe we often recommend diet modifications, exercises, medicines, bowel training etc.

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