Anal abscesses can be extremely painful and usually occurs when pus develops near the anus. They are usually caused by infections in the anal glands. Perianal abscess is the most common type of anal abscess. It looks like a painful boil swelling near the anus. It will be warm and almost reddish in colour.

Perianal abscess can be caused by anal fissures, infections due to tear in the anal canal, STDs, blockages in anal glands etc. The most common symptoms associated with perianal abscess are pain, due to which it becomes difficult to sit, skin irritation in anus leading to redness, swelling and tenderness, pus, constipation, and in extreme cases fever and chills.

Perianala abscess surgery is not really a requirement as it is a boil and not anything that needs to be surgically removed. Unfortunately about 50% of patients who get anal abscesses may tend to develop fistula in a similar area. Fistulas, however, will require surgery.



It is extremely important to complete perianal abscess treatments like surgical drainage before the abscess erupts.  If the abscess is superficial then there is no need for perianal abscess surgery and it can be drained with the help of local anaesthesia. If the abscess is too deep the patient may need to be hospitalized and  require a larger doze of anaesthesia.

After the Perianal Abscess Treatment Dr. Parameshwar CM will prescribe medications for pain relief though some patients may require antibiotics to boost their immunity after the perianal abscess surgery. If a fistula develops alongside the abscess then the perianal abscess surgery and the fistula surgery can be performed together. But in most cases the fistula develops weeks or even months after the abscess has been surgically drained.

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