Pilondal Sinus or PNS occurs when a small cyst or abscess occurs in the cleft on top of the buttocks. It usually is a combination of hair, dirt and debris. It can be extremely painful and is easily infected. There is a high chance of pus, blood and foul odour. It is most commonly observed in men, young adults and people with jobs that require them to sit for long hours.

PNS does not have a particular cause that one can pinpoint to but it is supposed to be caused by a number of factors including sitting for long hours, hormone changes, hair growth, friction from clothes etc. Sitting for a long time can cause hair growing in that area to burrow back into the skin. The body then unleashes immune response against it like it would when it senses a splinter. Thus, a cyst forms around the hair.

There are both dormant and active pilonidal sinuses. The most common symptoms for which people seek pilonidal sinus treatment is pain while sitting or standing, swelling of cyst, reddened or sore skin around cyst area, pus or blood from cyst, protruding hair, one or more sinus tracts i.e. holes in the skin etc. It is best to seek treatment before a dormant pilonidal sinus becomes active.



Dr. Parameshwar CM is a highly trained pilonidal sinus doctor with many successful cases to his name. We don’t recommend surgery as the first option in any case of pilonidal sinus treatment unless the cyst has become active.

We conduct pilonidal sinus excision on active cysts. In this operation, the abscess and sinus are removed surgically by a pilonidal sinus doctor and the wound is closed with stitches or sutures. The recovery period of this procedure is short and the patient can go about his or her daily activities within 4-6 weeks. There is a 20-25% chance of infection in this case which will require a second procedure after which the wound is left open to heal.


If the cyst is dormant then there is no need for surgical pilonidal sinus treatment. In case the patient has a silent or dormant cyst the pilonidal sinus doctor will instead recommend a series of easy steps that you can follow to take care of yourself and prevent pain and infection. Dr. Parameshwar CM conducts a detailed medical analysis before prescribing any form of medicine or pilonidal sinus treatment.

In the silent or dormant phase your pilonidal sinus doctor may ask the patient to do the following:

  • Keep the affected area clean and dry.
  • Don’t drive or sit in one place for long hours.
  • Remove hair from the area using razor or hair removal cream, or permanent laser hair removal.

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