The rectum is the area where your stools are stored before bowel movements. Rectal prolapse occurs when your rectum turns inside out and comes out of your anus. The rectum will eventually need to be pushed back manually.

Women during and after pregnancy and children below the age of three are most likely to suffer from rectal prolapse. There are three types of rectal prolapse:

  • Internal prolapse
    The rectum has prolapsed, but hasn’t yet slipped through the anus.
  • Mucosal prolapse
    The inside of the rectum protrudes through the anus.
  • External prolapse
    The entire thickness of the rectum protrudes through the anus.

It’s not easy to pinpoint any one cause for rectal prolapse. But some of the common causes of rectal prolapse include chronic constipation, immense straining while passing stool, weakening of anal muscles due to old age, trauma in the lower back, genetic disorders, rare Australian viral disease, dysplacia etc.

It is highly problematic and will require immediate expert intervention in order to prevent further damage and infection. Rectal prolapse can affect further bowel movements if it is not treated in time. It is commonly known as a geriatric disease but many people below the age of 60 are prone to it too.


Dr. Parameshwar CM is one of the best doctors to consult for rectal prolapse treatment. He has a decade’s experience in colorectal and proctology medicine and has worked with over 3 Lakh patients. We offer rectal prolapse treatment in the form of rectopexy.

Rectopexy is a  rectal prolapse treatment in which the rectum is restored to its natural position in the pelvis so that it doesn’t protrude anymore. In rectopexy the rectum is usually stitched up with a mesh to prevent relapse of the prolapse.


Dr. Parameshwar CM conducts detailed analysis of the patient and takes into consideration individual factors such as age, severity of prolapse etc before coming up with a treatment plan. In most cases simple diet and lifestyle changes are a good form of rectal prolapse treatment.

But in case the problem is severe the doctor also recommends diet and lifestyle changes to help improve life post surgery.

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